2011 Christmas Lights List

I love going out and looking at Christmas lights, especially when our friends can join us… so over the last few years I’ve done my best to compile a list of places in SW Missouri (mostly the Springfield area) that have been decorated.  My list has been compiled since 2009, but I make sure that I keep it updated (to the best of my ability… if you know of a home that is decorated that isn’t listed here, please let me know so I can add it to the list!).  I get my information from the local TV station websites (KY3, mostly) and the Springfield news paper.  Included in this list is what I have found for 2011, and the past years (2010, 2009… some or all of the addresses listed may still decorate for Christmas, but I’m unsure)


*3677 E. Beaumont, Springfield

*2008 Cambridge St., Springfield. (tune your radio to 105.5)

*1324 E Deerfield Street, Springfield

*4960 S. McCann Avenue, Springfield, MO

*4336 S. Hemlock Avenue, Springfield, MO

*1312 N. Dawn Avenue, Springfield, MO

*5771 S. Wedgewood Avenue, Springfield, MO

*1520 E. Berkeley Street, Springfield, MO

*602 E. Falls Circle, Springfield, M

*2125 N. Kansas Avenue, Springfield, MO

*502 E Glenwood Street, Springfield,MO

*825 W Talmage Street, Springfield, MO

*4843 S. Blakey Court, Springfield, MO

*South Sagamont Ave Behind Bass Pro, Springfield

*Cornerstone Church (1701 S. Fort Ave., Springfield) – 5:30-9:30 p.m. each night through Jan. 2. Admission is $5 car.

*973 S. Redwood, Nixa

*884 Dustin Lane, Nixa

*609 N. Jerico, Nixa

*716 Ridgecrest Ave., Nixa

*523 W. Woodbine, Nixa

1124 W. Sleepy Hollow Dr., Nixa

*822 Gold Rush Ave., Nixa

*804 E. Southridge, Nixa

*606 N. Patricia, Nixa

*1075 N. Riverside (Finley River Park), Ozark-

*4032 W. Mesa, Battlefield, MO

*8162 E Farm Road 134, Strafford, MO

*2874 State Highway B Rogersville, MO

*6449 S. State Highway VV, Rogersville, MO

*998 E. 430th Road, Bolivar, MO

*7681 N. Farm Road 43, Ash Grove, MO

*The Branson Area Festival of Lights (Expressway Lane at Shepherd of the Hills Expressway – across from Sight & Sound Theatre, Branson).  Admission is $12 per car, or $25 for a “season pass”

*500 S. Central Marionville, MO

*315 S. Western Street, Marionville, MO



Past years:


*2706 W. Chicago St (& Fulbright), Springfield

*1145 E Westchester Dr, Springfield

*4622 S. West Ave, Springfield

*220 S. Prince Lane (between Chestnut and Cherry near Hwy. 65), Springfield

*2990 Two Rivers Road, Highlandville

*Ray Family: 7 miles north of Shell Knob and 1 mile East on 76 Hwy off of Hwy 39. The lights are on every evening from 5 pm. until 10:30 pm. Right before Christmas we will extend the time to 11-11:30 pm.



*1416 W. Wayland St., Springfield (west of Fort Avenue between Sunshine Street and Battlefield Road)

*2924 E. Monroe Terr., Springfield [listen to holiday tunes on 98.1 FM](east of Oak Grove Avenue between Cherry and Grand streets)

*2933 S. Chambery Ave., Springfield (north of Battlefield Road between Glenstone and Lone Pine avenues)

*665 W. Westview St., Springfield (west of Campbell Avenue between Republic Road and Walnut Lawn Street)

*4834 W. Tarkio St., Springfield (south of West Chestnut Expressway, just east of Interstate 44) (this whole neighborhood was beautiful last year with numerous homes decorated!)

*1435 E. Stoneridge St., Springfield (east of North Glenstone, also known as Highway H, and north of Valley Water Mill Road)

*5340 S. Palisades Ave., Battlefield (south of Weaver Road, also known as Farm Road 178, and west of Farm Road 131, also known as Western Avenue)

*313 N. Main St., Pleasant Hope

4 responses to “2011 Christmas Lights List”

  1. I thank you for this list! Also, I also found this list from the news paper.
    http://ow.ly/874iV [google maps link]

    A few other addresses I would add from the google maps link. [Unverified]
    502 E Glenwood Street, Springfield,MO
    1324 E. Deerfield Street, Springfield, MO
    3677 E. Beaumont Street, Springfield, MO
    4032 W. Mesa, Battlefield, MO
    4336 S. Hemlock Avenue, Springfield, MO
    602 E. Falls Circle, Springfield, MO

    Also, the Festival of Light Drive through [not free]
    1701 S. Fort, Springfield MO, 65807

    For pepole who want to geek out and use computers, mapping, GPS’s and so on, here’s a few tips. First off, you can make a batch map for reviewing address here

    Additionally, If you wish to create a route on a GPS with these geolocations on a Garmin. Save the map through BatchGeo.com, scroll all the way to the bottom, click the “Download Google Earth KML” link, save it somewhere, then go to gpsvisualizer.com, browse to your file, select GPX and hit convert, the resulting file can be loaded into BaseCamp from Garmin [Basecamp is free] and used to create a route.

    Going out tomorrow to look at lights, this list saved me TONS of time, thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you so much for the info you shared! Part of the addresses you added were already part of my list- but there are a few that I will add! Have fun looking at the lights- and if you’ve not seen it yet, make sure you swing by the house on Cambridge… it’s the granddaddy of them all!

  3. Wanted to again thank you for the list, we hit every one on your 2011 list from Springfield to Nixa! Took friends in our van and the list in the GPS made light looking so much more fun! Hope you keep this list updated next year!

    Thanks from both our families!

  4. I plan on keeping the list updated each year. Although the biggest majority of the addresses on the list were on my original list in 2009… I tend to only find a few new ones each year. BUT… I’ll make sure to keep the list updated so folks don’t have to do the maddening search on Google and come up empty handed!

    I’m glad you were able to get out and look at the lights! I hope you had a great Christmas and may you have a Happy New Year!


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