I need a break!

Just when I thought that everyone was calming down after my birthday festivities were over… I discovered I was wrong!

After the car wreck I had in 1994, I’ve had a problem with brittle bones.  Occasionally I’ll have a fracture pop up, and even more rarely I’ll have a full-blown break.  Sometime last year I was cooking dinner when I fractured my wrist.  It hovered on the “almost healed” line for months, then fractured again, then almost healed, then fractured again.  About 10 days ago my wrist and arm both started hurting so bad I was about to scream… but the weather has been weird (warm/cold constantly), so I figured it was an arthritis type thing.  Finally last Thursday I went to the doctor, explained the issue and she said, “Do you see this bump on your arm?  I think your arm is broke… go to Xray!”.  So I did… and it was.  Along with the wrist.  Because I’m a full-time wheelchair user (due to above mentioned car wreck), they tend to try to avoid putting me in a plaster cast, so I’m now sporting a soft cast for the next 6-8 weeks.  Yay… or something.

Friday morning my phone rang… it was a family friend, who I rarely hear from.  He announced that his wife was in Intensive Care and wasn’t expected to live.  When I had my car wreck, she was there EVERY day (after work… for 3 months) camped out at the hospital with me.  When I got to the hospital I was… shocked.  The woman laying in that bed wasn’t the woman I’ve known for so many (20+) years.  I talked to nurse about the prognosis (grim at best) and sat at her bedside and threatened her with some of the horrible things that she and my friend Klista did to me when I was in the hospital (it was Christmas, so there were jingle bells involved).  BUT, they had her sedated… so I’m not sure if she heard me.  But the “teasing” kept me from bawling.

She’s still hanging on… earlier today they were going to get her hooked up to Dialysis (dad went though this with his kidney cancer) because her kidney’s had stopped functioning.  She’s gained a ton of weight due to the water she’s retaining… which is why it was so shocking to me.  She has 2 kids (9 and 12) and they’ve not seen their mom for about a week.  The oldest has some learning disabilities, so he’s confused… and the youngest just wants to see her mom.  I feel so bad for the kids, as they won’t allow them in intensive care (and I don’t think it would be a good thing for them to be there, anyway… it’s scary, even for an adult).  I just hope she makes it, for the sake of her kids, her husband and her friends… she’s too young to leave.

For Russ’s Valentine’s Day present (one of them, anyway), he got tickets to see the comedian, Lewis Black… which did his show on Sunday night.  The “Running on Empty” tour was hillarious and Lewis was on a rant about politics among many other things.  I laughed so hard that my ribs hurt when we left!  It was definitely something needed after my somber weekend.

This next week, hopefully, will be less insane… I’m still going to be visiting the friend in the hospital, but other than that I don’t expect to have any major upheavals in my life.  Now that I’ve said that… my life is going to get crazy insane.  I can feel it.  🙂


Till next week!

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