Wow, will I keep up the trend?

I vowed this year to be better about my blogging habits, which have been awful.  And, here I am, working on my second blog of the year.  I think I’ve decided to do this as a weekly thing… so look for a new post every Sunday evening/Monday morning.  🙂

This weekend was a fun weekend with a little bit of travel time mixed in.  Our friend Louis had told us about a sushi place in Tulsa (called Sushi Train) and we wanted to check it out.  Another friend is the lead singer in a band that was doing a show in Joplin on Saturday night, so we decided to make the drive to Tulsa (150 miles each way) with a pit-stop in Joplin on the way home to see the show.  We got to Sushi Train, had dinner (the concept is cool… the sushi travels around the restaurant on the back of a train.  Regretfully the sushi was mediocre… not bad, mind you… just not great.  BUT, we had no idea until we tried it… and it was fun!).  We got back to Joplin well over an hour before the show our friend was doing, but we lucked out because Louis works as the DJ at a bar just a few doors down… so we decided to stop in and see him and kill some time.  It was a “pajama party” night at the bar… so it was interesting to see the different forms of sleepwear that everyone was wearing (luckily everyone had some sort of clothing item on!).  Here is where the story makes a funny turn.  🙂

A few minutes after arriving, Louis headed to the DJ booth.  Russ and I were discussing if we wanted something to drink (we did), and a woman walked over and looked at me rather quizzically and said, “Pardon me, are you a Lesbian?” (the bar where Lou works is one of the few gay bars in the area).  I smiled and said, “No, sorry… I’m straight!  I’m here visiting my friend, who is the DJ!” and she laughed, snapped her fingers and said, “Darn, my plans for the night are ruined!”.  She went back to the table where her friends were, and a few other times in the time we were there she would walk over and say, “Still straight?  Or have you changed your mind?” and I would laugh and say, “Nope, still straight!” and she’d laugh and walk off.  There were a few others in the building that told me I was pretty and/or smelled good, asked if I was interested in dancing, sitting at their table with them, etc. — I just had to chuckle.  I texted my brother (who is gay) and told him what had happened, so he razzed me all night about it.  🙂

So we went down the street to the show we were planning on attending… it was really good, and it was nice to see Clancy (who we hadn’t seen in a few years!) and hear his new stuff (along with some of my old favorites).  We chatted for a few minutes after the show was over, then headed home.  The weekend was just the right amount of busy… which is nice. 🙂

The Christmas ornaments are still hanging out around the house, but that will be tackled this week as we get the house ready for our monthly game night, which will be held on January 14th (the day before my 40th birthday)!  They told my parents that, with my health issues, I wouldn’t likely live past 30… yet, here I am… 10 years past that.  And I don’t really feel that much different than I did at 30… so I hope I make it for another 30 years!  Of course, if I do, that means that I get to completely irritate Russ on a daily basis.  It’s a win-win thing for me, definitely.  🙂

Our monthly game night usually has several of our friends who come over to eat dinner, hang out and/or play some poker.  This month we’ll have BBQ (beef brisket and pulled pork… and maybe some chicken), some picnic salads (potato salad, macaroni salad and coleslaw.  Actually, 2 types of coleslaw, as I am not a fan of the “normal” type… but I really like the Asian type – with ramen noodles, sesame seeds and almonds.  I love the variety of textures and flavors!) and some chips.  We purchased a birthday cake for Russ’s birthday, which no one touched… so I think I’m going to go the route of Amaretto Brownies instead of cake.  🙂

The game night is on Saturday night… and on Sunday (my birthday!), we are headed to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson for the “Whiskey Fest” they are having.  I am not a fan of whiskey (I’m a “girly drink” type person), but Russ LOVES it.  So, he’s going to go learn about and drink whiskey… and I’m going as the designated driver.  My fingers are crossed right now that the weather remains nice… that resort is beautiful, but the roads getting to it are not… and I don’t want to try to get there on icy roads.

In exchange for doing the whiskey fest on Sunday… he’s taking me shopping (which he absolutely HATES to do) on Monday.  I am in dire need of a new set of pots and pans… and that seems like a reasonable birthday present for me.  So, it’s a win-win for both of us.  🙂

Stay tuned for next weeks tale… which will include any stories resulting from the game night, and me telling you about my other birthday party we’re having.  🙂

Have a great week!

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