And February comes to an end!

This last weekend was filled with fun and games as we had a handful of friends over to play poker!  We started the evening out with pizza from Mazzio’s, and there was much eating, drinking and merriment that commenced after that.  🙂

Otherwise, the weekend was quiet.  Today (Monday the 27th) I visited my physician.  The arm, which she determined (last month) was broken in 2 places, now has multiple “stress fractures” all over it.  She said that it’s very apparent that I have Osteoporosis; I have to undergo more bone density scans and I now have a pile of prescriptions for new meds to slow it down… along with needing to get shots to help slow down the progress.  Lovely… yet more medicine and trips to the doctor.

And today I learned that there are still “good folks” out there in the world.  We have a vehicle that we keep as a “loaner” for friends when they need it.  Typically when we loan it out the borrower doesn’t tend to replace used gas or whatever… they use it, then bring it back with whatever gas it left (or, put enough gas in to bring it back to where it was when they borrowed it, after they used it for multiple days).  Yesterday, some friends (Darren and Louis) borrowed the vehicle… not only were they planning to bring it back at midnight last night (which I told them to not worry about it!  Today was perfectly fine) after they got it unloaded, but they brought it back with a full tank of gas.  This was after them getting it with absolutely no gas in it (which is how it was returned to me earlier in the week).  When I said, “You didn’t have to fill it up!”, they informed me (basically) that folks should be grateful for the loaned vehicle and that was the least they could do in thanks for letting them borrow it.  It made me feel good that there are folks out there that have the same standard that we do (we always completely fill the vehicle we borrow… a few times I’ve even gotten the oil changed for them, just out of thanks).

And we learned last night when Russ’s parents are planning their visit to Missouri (mid-May)… so now I’m working on planning out some details (they want to go to Bass Pro, etc.) for their trip here.


This last week was boring, but this next week promises to have more action… a drag show, a trip to Springfield and  who knows what else we’ll end up doing.  🙂


Have a great week!

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