Is that light at the end of the tunnel, or a train?

As promised last week, I told you that this week would contain the tale of Valentine’s Day and so forth.  SO… without further ado:

Russ drove back to Missouri, after work, on Tuesday night (Valentine’s Day) due to a court appearance we both needed to make on Wednesday (more about that later).  Keeping everything as a surprise is always hard for me… because I want to say, “This is what I did!”.  BUT, I managed to keep my mouth shut.

We started the evening at Jimm’s steakhouse in Springfield… which used to be Steak and Ale.  The meal was wonderful and we had a great time.  We drove home, and when Russ walked in the door all of his presents were lined up on the kitchen table.  He had a huge heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie that I had decorated with red icing, and some peanut butter/bacon/chocolate bars (they were different, definitely!  But not bad!).  Russ also got several frog items (I kissed a lot of frogs before I got him as my prince charming!), a levitating globe for his office, some cologne and other miscellaneous items.  The girls got him a talking stuffed dog that looks like them- and probably says the same things they would!

He got me 4 pieces of jewelry… all with a different message of love in Gaelic. Little did I realize that there was going to be a test and I needed to study!  Here are the messages:
A heart pendant (with the Celtic knot on it) says, “Mo Thaisce” (means “My Dear”).
Another heart pendant has his and my birthstones.
A pair of earrings (cubic zirconia, because I constantly lose earrings)
He got me a “Solar Eclipse ring“, and it has engraving on the inner and outer part of both rings. The outside of the outer ring says, “Mo Chroi” (love of my heart), inside says “Mo Sioghra” (my eternal love). The outside of the inner band says “Ta Tu Go Halainn” (You are beautiful), the inside says “Graim Thu” (I love you).
It all came with a little card that said, “Mo Chuid Den Tsaol” (my love, my friend, my share of life)

— I cried.  I’m not sure, but I think he might like me.  🙂

On Wednesday we went to court (regarding a lawsuit with family over my deceased mother’s estate) and while it was MY mother (and Russ is just my boyfriend), he got sued as well.  We had our first hearing in June regarding the case… and this hearing was a lot of rehashing of stuff that was discussed in June.  But, in the end, the decision of the judge was what our attorney’s hoped/figured it would be… so I hope that this is the end, and that it’s truly light at the end of the tunnel, and not a train.  (knowing my luck, though… it’s a train)

On Saturday we were SUPPOSED to have a poker game.  Sadly there were several folks missing due to birthday parties and the flu… so we ended up cancelling it late on Saturday afternoon and moving it to this next Saturday (and everyone is a “yes” to coming… as well as a few new folks).  So, we sat around the house and had a quiet evening.

And that is all the news I have to report for this last week.  Next week we’ll talk about the poker game and anything else that happens during this week (though I expect it to be quiet).

Have a great week!

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