Where DID winter go?

I’m running way behind on posting to my blog this week… mostly because I blanked on doing it until a few hours ago!  I’d like to blame it on something like the weather has been just too great… but the reality is, I completely forgot!

Speaking of the weather… it has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  70-80 degree days, 50-60 degree nights… the girls are spending most of their time outside barking at bugs, or napping in the sun.  I’ve been spending time outside reading (I have read about a dozen magazines this week!)… or enjoying the weather while watching the girls go crazy!

Last Monday I went on my “date” that wasn’t with Russ… but with 2 great friends (Louis and Darren) that we have recently met.  I had been telling them all about Haruno Sushi in Springfield, and we finally decided it was time to make the trip to do group sushi.  We ate too much, had a lot of fun… and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I felt bad for Russ… I was out with 2 very handsome men (mind you, I think Russ is very hot… so don’t worry about that!) enjoying one of Russ’s favorite meals.  Poor Russ!

On Thursday, to make it up to him, I planned a “secret” dinner/date night.  Our romantic evening started at HyVee in Springfield to pick up some liquor we had ordered (it still hadn’t come in), and while I was waiting on Russ to get there, I decided to turn HyVee into a “field trip”.  I saw a lot of things that I like, that I’ve not been able to find at other local stores, so I see a “shopping trip” in my future.  After we were done there, we went to Longhorn Steakhouse and had a very enjoyable meal… then went to the Hollywood Theaters in downtown Springfield to see “The Vow”.  I’m not going to say the movie was good… nor bad.  It just needed more… there were a lot of, “Huh?” type moments with the movie.  Oh well.

Friday was boring… Russ works from home on Friday, so while he was home working I took the girls to get baths at Ruff Cuts in Monett (Kelly has groomed Kady since she was a tiny puppy, and Minna and Dallis since we rescued them… to the point they drag us in the door.  I love Kelly as a groomer… she knows that it’s difficult for me to deal with the girls on my own, so I call her when I’m a few minutes from her shop and she is literally standing at the curb when I get there.  She unloads the girls, grabs the bag with their clean leashes and harnesses and bids me farewell (I’m usually on my way to Walmart).  Not many groomers would do that for me… which is why I adore Kelly!

Saturday we met Louis and Darren at another local spot we love… Richard’s Hawgwild BBQ in Aurora.  We spent a lot of time eating (again, “pigging” out… haha!) and chatting, then made a field trip to Starbucks (at the local Price-Cutter grocery store) and after we were done with that we went home.  Our evening was spent watching programs we had DVR’ed and just being bums.

And, Sunday, as usual… laundry, relaxing, watching TV and getting Russ headed back to Arkansas for his work week.

Next week stay tuned for my lunch out, date night #2 with Russ and anything else I manage to do!

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