The times, they are a changin’

Life has been a whirlwind, still – but you’ll find me updating my blog again after only a few weeks.  Yay, me!

Plans are quickly coming about for my best friend’s wedding… which is less than 2 weeks away.  We decided to move it from our concert venue (mentioned in my previous post) to the yard.  The weather is now starting to be more “like it should be”, which means that day will be around 80 degrees.  And it is saving us a LOT of time trying to completely revamp the building into something wedding-like.  We’re mostly done with finding her all of her clothing that she’ll need for the wedding and honeymoon (we’ve been ordering stuff as she HATES to go shopping at the mall, and we are dealing with this uncanny knack of ordering something that hasn’t fit.  So there is a lot of ordering and shipping back of stuff).  We have all of the wedding/reception-related decorations on hand, so we’re ready to start decorating (the week of the wedding, obviously).  And since I’m preparing all of the food for the reception, I’ll need to get started on grocery shopping and cooking the week of the reception (and baking several types of cookies for the “Cookie Bar” she’d like to have).

Wedding planning was helped immensely by Pinterest.  We found a few really great ideas that we’re going to incorporate into the wedding!  And, luckily for the bride and groom, my friend LeAnne Pfeiffer is going to do the wedding pictures!

Pinterest.  Wow, that site is going to kill me.  I’m a foodie at heart, and I LOVE to cook (especially if I can convince Russ to come hang out in the kitchen with me!) – not only did I find some cute wedding ideas, but I’ve found TONS of really great recipes as well.  Needless to say, there are plenty of great recipes to try out this winter!  If you’re a Pinterest lover as well, you can find me (and all of my boards) at: – I pin almost every day, so make plans to keep checking back.  🙂

I’ve got a sick Russ (I’m thinking flu – he said early yesterday he didn’t feel well, we had friends over to play cards last night and about 1/2 way through he said he was going to bed.  For him to leave his favorite card game in the middle, he had to be close to death), so I should probably go and pamper him a bit and make sure he’s okay.

I won’t post again until after the wedding, but I’ll make sure to tell you all about it and post some pics, too!

Take care!

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