Is it wedding season?



So much has been going on over the last few weeks, I’ve just now really noticed that the weather is absolutely beautiful outside – on a daily basis!

First off, so many people want copies of my recipes, I decided to just start posting my “Tried and True Recipes” that I keep in a document on my computer (some of the recipes were those of my mother, a few from my brother, others that I’ve tried out over time).  If you’re interested in those recipes, go to my Recitopia page and read all about it!  I’ll probably update it every few months, but you’ll know if it’s updated, as I will change the name of it when I do.

So, now I should tell you about what has been going on!  In my last post I mentioned that my friend Klista was getting married (I played matchmaker between Klista and our friend Russell – it worked!).  Russ was the best man (they said it was because of us that they found each other) and I was the maid-of-honor.  The week of the wedding (which was on September 21st) was CHAOTIC to say the least, and it resulted in a few sleepless nights for me.  The day of the wedding I was out with Klista bright and early getting the cake and doing some last minute stuff.  She left her car with her soon-to-be-hubby and came back to my house to help get the last minute cooking done.  We cooked for a few hours, I jumped in the shower and then headed off to get my hair done.  While I was gone, she was busy supervising the reception venue decorating and such.  Once I got home from my hair appointment, we had to kick in and get everyone ready!  Everyone was getting ready here (the venue for the ceremony was only a few minutes from my house), so we made sure to get the guys showered and out of our hair before we got Klista in the shower.  In keeping with tradition, he didn’t see her IN her dress until the ceremony.

All went well with getting ready, and we were literally walking out the door when Klista decided she should probably run to the bathroom before we went to the ceremony.  This event will forever remain embedded in my brain as one of the most hilarious things that Klista and I have done together (and, trust me, there have been SEVERAL!).  It took us a few minutes to decide how in the world we were going to get the dress and multi-layer petticoat up so she could go to the bathroom, and I was laughing so hard at one point that I was leaning into the shower with my head against the wall.  The photographer was in the living room wondering if she should come help us or run to her car screaming.  She decided to just stay put.

As we were leaving, LeAnne (the photographer) wanted to get some pictures of Klista.  We discovered that there was a lake in the floor in the building where we were having the reception, so we had to get that cleaned up (thanks, LeAnne!) and then rush off to the ceremony (instead of getting some pictures – as usual, Klista was late to her own wedding!).

The ceremony went fairly well, except there were some missed “cues” regarding walking in – and the sound system at the venue freaked out for a few minutes at one point.  BUT, otherwise things went really well.  We got some pictures at the venue, then Russ and I headed back to our house (where the reception was already started, thanks to the help of a dear friend, and the groom’s cousin, Angie and her mother, Nita) to wait until the arrival of the bride and groom.

They showed up a little later and we all ate and laughed and roasted s’mores on our cute little homemade s’mores roasters (flower pot and a can of sterno).  At one point, a small child that was a member of the groom’s extended family walked up to Klista’s oldest son (who is in his 20s) and said, “I dropped my chocolate” (the child, at this point, was well-sugared and very hyper) and Stephen said, “I think that’s a lie” (and then went and got the child another s’mores pack).  So, the new catch-phrase in our house is, “I think that’s a lie” when someone says something.

When it came time to cut the cake, I had this wonderful MOH speech planned out and was ready to sing the praises of my friend and our friendship, and threaten her new groom about breaking her heart.  I got about 5 words into my speech when I started bawling and I think the only coherent thing I managed to say was, “I love you”, and “Russell don’t break her heart”.  Maybe I’ll get another chance to babble, coherently, when they renew their vows in the future.  🙂

Everyone started filing out, and then it was just Russ and I.  There was a pretty good size mess to clean up, so we cleaned up what seemed necessary and decided we’d work on it again the next day.  Around lunchtime Angie (cousin of the groom) sent me a text asking if we needed a cleanup crew – and she, her mother and her brother came out to get stuff cleaned up.  Klista and Russell showed up about 2/3 of the way through the cleanup process (unaware that everyone else was here doing it, but were thrilled!) and helped get it all done.

A few days after Klista’s wedding, Russ found some pictures (through a friend) of his ex-wife’s wedding.  We were shocked at the similarities between Klista and Russell’s wedding and the wedding of the ex (it was on the same day, with the same colors – a little freaky).  Klista and I have decided that we did a much better job on her wedding, because that’s just how we roll.  Or something.  🙂

This last weekend I had Lou, Darren, Klista and Russell over for dinner – with the intent of playing games after we were done eating.  It turned into sitting around the table and chatting, until Lou laid down on the couch and fell asleep, and Russell said he was about to pass out from exhaustion (he had worked the night before and mowed all day without any sleep).  So, we cut the night short and everyone went home.

Coming up over the next few weeks we’ve got our monthly poker game (on the same weekend as the town’s crafts festival, Apple Butter Makin’ Days) and then our annual Halloween party (concert with several local metal bands).  THEN, Angie (cousin of the groom) is going to get married in a “Dia de los muertos” (Day-of-the-dead) themed wedding.  Since our concert venue carries a Halloween theme year-round, she decided to have the ceremony and reception here – she and her mom are thrilled with the planning around the decorations we already have.

Russ started making wedding-like noises a few days ago.  I’m sure that it was just passing conversation (I’ve already told him that I want him to officially propose to me in a uber cool way), but deep down I kinda have my hopes up that he MIGHT actually do it.  I guess only time will tell.

Of course, this is the time of year when we get really busy with holiday stuff, Russ’s birthday and a HUGE computer-geek conference that Russ attends each year (which happens to fall during his birthday, typically), so I’ve been trying to juggle events around this conference.  I think I’ve got it accomplished – maybe, anyway.  🙂

And, on that note, I’m going to stop babbling!  Have a great week!


Here are some weddin’ pics:

Bridal Party
A picture of the bridal party, taken by Lou Matthews
Bride and Groom
First picture taken after the ceremony ended
Bride and Groom
Klista and Russell stealing a kiss under the tree, while Russ and Cheryl chat with the pastor in the background
BM and MOH
Russ and Cheryl, bridal party



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