It’s CAKE!

In May, I enrolled for my first Wilton Cake decorating class – and managed to convince Angela Bradford, Marica Dorrance and Darren Matthews to join me in the venture.  While the first cakes I did weren’t terribly pretty, I learned a lot from the instructor (Emily Renner) and enjoyed the classes at the Michael’s in Springfield, MO.  Here are pictures from that first experience…


First class

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Second Class

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Third class

10383018_10203787127342382_8217617553457355767_n 10365841_10203176478945783_512871163264495026_n 10299510_10203176478745778_4366414694886424497_n 10346314_10203175590363569_1837704543176313888_n 10425049_10203175590083562_5403648948038061990_n 10308257_10203175588523523_4925397623608631734_n 10336736_10203175588283517_4097784820080845200_n

Fourth class (my cake had a nasty accident driving home, so I had to completely redo it once we were home – which I did late at night, so the “Gra” isn’t spaced correctly.  Russ didn’t care… he ate it.  🙂

After I finished that class up at the end of May, I had pretty well figured I was finished with cake decorating.  BUT, we decided to bake a cake for a poker game/birthday party (for Matt)/anniversary party (for Lorrie and Shawn) we had in June.  Russ did quite a bit of the decorating himself…


The 4th of July rolled around, and the daughters of our neighbors decided to throw a surprise Anniversary party for their parents at the same time as the 4th of July party… and added in the 1st birthday of one of the grandson’s and the birthday of one of the daughters.  They asked me to make cakes:

10518840_10203448708551353_600293916060759306_n 10393991_10203448707991339_4647679443549879021_n 10484145_10203448708111342_5127170012720341809_n 10388600_10203448707831335_909801294322513601_n 10301588_10203448707351323_7261486012178938824_n

Then I decided to go ahead and take “Course 2″… and managed to take the class with high school friend Brandi Rohm!  Luckily the class focused more on learning how to make the flowers, so we didn’t have to drag in cakes/cupcakes/etc each week to decorate.  Our instructor would get IRRITATED at me (in both courses), because during class I would throw away my flowers (they never looked right), so there is a picture of me laughing after the teacher snagged one of the flowers I made out of my trash.

10624604_10203593705816649_1835243650313967781_n 10547463_10203701798878453_8998548887233085871_n  10394602_10203726372532779_11731179002351715_n    10403076_10203701798518444_7344604199206651425_n

Although, we did have to take a cake in for the last class.  And I actually had fun decorating it.  The cows and pastel colored flowers on top are made out of royal icing (I made tons of extras, as you can see in the first picture)… everything else is buttercream (including the little heart-shaped cloud on the cake, which I did for Russ).

10449543_10203762682520506_5468890526681399669_n 10616598_10203798951107198_3299655922907042309_n 10628320_10203798950547184_2048166554421888969_n 1900016_10203798950187175_3662610840934299944_n 10355901_10203798949827166_7477918528916182551_n   20140827_000930  20140827_004152


Brandi decorating her final cake…


I think I am done with cake classes… at least for the moment.  But I admit that I had a lot of fun!

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