Dadadum… it’s the birthday party!

Russ’s birthday was broken into 3 parts, even though his actual birthday is December 5th (1969, so this was the anniversary of his 45th trip around the sun).

On Thursday we went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Tulsa.  We made a pitstop at Utica Square in Tulsa for dinner, and had a bite to eat at Brownie’s Gourmet Burgers.  They were SOOOOO good!  We got the “Suit and Tie” fries as our appetizer (with truffle oil, garlic, parmesan, black pepper and parsley, with house-made ketchup and spicy ketchup). Russ got the “Early Bird” burger (fried egg, garlic aioli, sauteed spinach, thick-cut bacon), I got the Halitosis burger (slow-roasted garlic cloves, garlic aioli, fresh onion, balsamic onions, tomato jam, butter lettuce). Our dessert was a “Brownie’s Root Beer” (house made root-beer, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Buttershots), which was fantastic.


The birthday boy!

“Suit and Tie Fries” and the “Brownie’s Rootbeer”

Halitosis Burger

Early Bird Burger


We had some time to kill before the doors opened for the show; every year, in front of the BOK Center (where the concert was), they have “Winterfest”.  SO, while we waited for the doors to open we watched people ice-skating and took a few pictures…

Me and my guy!

The skating rink

While we go to see TSO almost every year (we’ve missed a few here and there), this “new show” wasn’t as spectacular as past ones have been.  Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed it… but it COULD have been better.

On Friday I threw a surprise birthday party for him (insert evil giggle)… well, it was ALMOST a surprise party.  On Thursday, as we were leaving for Tulsa to see TSO, our friend Shawn was at our house doing some handyman stuff (building dog houses) for the previously mentioned “Warm Hearts-Cold Paws”, and while chatting with Russ he said, “Hey, we are coming to dinner tomorrow night, but we won’t be bowling”.  Russ looked confused until I said, “Happy surprise birthday”.  I started planning this shindig in OCTOBER, and we made it to the day before.  Oh well!  We had sushi with Amy and Ben, Barbara and Eric, Kelley, Gary and Jennifer, Scott, Michelle and Lorrie and Shawn.  Then we headed to the bowling alley afterwards were Angie and Ryan joined us, along with Scott, Gary, Michelle, Eric and Barbara.

Cheryl and Kelley

Ben, Amy, Barbara, Eric and Russ

Kelley and Gary, with Scott down at the end

Gary, Scott, Shawn, Lorrie and Michelle

Gary, Jennifer, Scott, Shawn, Lorrie and Michelle

Kelley showing off her new-found chopstick skills!


Angie, showing off her boogie moves at the bowling alley, while husband Ryan watches and Scott prepares to bowl

Scott and Michelle patiently waiting their turn, while Eric plots his strategy

Michelle patiently waiting, while Eric texts and Barbara watches over his shoulder


Russ and Gary, watching and waiting

On Saturday we had our typical, “It’s Russ’s birthday” poker game.  Complete with lobster rolls (typical fare for his birthday) and a Dr. Who “Tardis” themed cake (I have been sick for over a week now, and when it came time to decorate the cake I just wanted to get it done… I have very little patience when I am sick.  SO, it doesn’t look great… but it tasted pretty good, and had TONS of frosting, which is a requirement of Russ).  We had some new poker players (Eric and Tina)  join us, which is always nice (and they apparently liked us from the email I exchanged earlier with Eric – they want to come back!).  Next month should be a busier month – it will be MY birthday, and the missing folks from this month should be back in town and ready to party.

The not-so-pretty cake.  🙁

This next Saturday we will have our annual Christmas party.  Stay tuned… that will be an absolute riot.  🙂

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