Warm Hearts – Cold Paws

So, I have this friend who is a big-time animal lover (not that we don’t love our animals as well… there is a group of us that seem to be stuck on “animals are our children” and, therefore, we think they have as many (if not more?) rights than the 2-legged variety of kids.

So, anyway, said friend spends a lot of time on the roads just driving around … and she sees a lot of atrocities in the animal department.  The thing that REALLY bugs her is seeing dogs chained up to a tree with no house, especially with the weather we’ve been having (super cold, snow, sleet, etc.).  SO, about a month ago she said, “I want to start a thing where people donate time by building dog and cat houses.” and I said, “Hey, I can see about getting folks to donate materials!”, and that started a snowball effect.  Within 48 hours we had quite a bit of donated items (although, don’t get me wrong, this will be an ongoing project, so we still need more!).  And I think it overwhelmed Lorrie just a little bit – okay, a lot.

We had a “planning meeting” a few days after this all started, and a handful of us showed up (so, we’re now the “founding members”?); the local newspaper said they wanted to do a story on us, so Lorrie wrote up some info about it, and we submitted some pictures of our group.  In the picture, standing, left-t0-right, we have Aimee Phillips (blue shirt, holding her dog, Jasmine), Russ Woodman (red shirt, holding Dallis), Scott Robinson (black shirt, holding Kady), Cheryl Jones (purple shirt, holding Minna), Shawn Lindeman (brown shirt, with Lily) and Lorrie Tennison-Lindeman (white hoodie with Toby).    Jasmine (Beagle mix), Lily (Pit Bull), Toby (Golden Retriever), Minna (West Highland White Terrier) and Dallis (West Highland White Terrier) are all rescues (we bought Kady several years ago; when looking for a dog to stop her from becoming a “couch potato”, we happened to stumble across Minna and Dallis who had been dumped; we’ve had some trials and tribulations with them, but they are doing really well at running the house).  SO, if you’re thinking of getting a pet, please visit your local shelter – as you can see, they have plenty of “full-blood” pets that need homes, just like the “Heinz 57” varieties.

Penny, the cat (who was dumped on our property, so she’s a rescue as well), avoided all of us because she’s not a big fan of the dogs.

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Here is the Warm Hearts-Cold Paws Newspaper article, published in the Lawrence County Record, last week.  (They got the names of the people correct, but the dogs were a little screwed up.  Russ had Dallis, Scott had Kady and I had Minna.  Lorrie had Toby, and Shawn had Lily; Lily is now in counseling because she is now “The black Toby”.  Poor thing…) 

We’ve already had a “work day” (Scott, Lorrie and 2 other folks joined us; Scott left before I could get his picture), and the next one is tomorrow (12/3).  She’s slowly becoming not-so-overwhelmed, with the help of her friends, and she’s excited about how well this has “gained ground” and how many people have told her that this is a good thing she’s doing.

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If you live in SW Missouri, we’d love to have you come and help us out sometime… we need folks that are good with a hammer down to folks that are able to paint or even stuff the dog house with straw.  Or, if you know of a dog or cat that needs shelter, let us know!  And, of course, visit us on Facebook and like our page – and invite your friends to like it!  Let’s keep the love rolling to show Lorrie that this IS a good thing!  🙂

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