Fun! (including Birthday party and so forth!)

I had, in essence, a week-long birthday party (I’m not complaining, mind you!), with our first event being on January 10th with our first poker game of the year.  Our friend Matt was very sad that he was unable to produce a Chick-Fil-A Cowlendar (as he has given me one for my birthday yearly for the past several years; last week we got a call that one had been located, and it was sitting at home when I got home that evening).  BUT, beyond that we all had fun.  Eric and Tina, our newest friends, brought a very cool Martini set for me for a present.  In the middle of the poker game, I was cleaning up the “round one” of the kitchen (folks tend to eat 2-3 times over the time they’re at the house, and we were doing messy stuff this month, so the cabinets were covered in food and sauces) – and the girls started barking and fussing.  A few moments later I got a great surprise for my birthday:  Lou and Darren showed up!  We sat and talked while everyone played games, we watched a HORRIBLE movie (which Aimee, Spenser and I had already seen, but it was SOOOO bad we had to make Lou and Darren watch it).  Right before we started the movie, our friend Scott showed up.  Everyone but Lou and Darren left early, but they left the house around 1am or so; it was SOOOOOO nice to have a few hours to hang out with them (it rarely happens!).

On Sunday (11th), our friend Fritz took Russ and I out to dinner; Russ had been doing some computer related work for him, and this was a combo “thanks” for that and to take me out for my birthday.  Fritz is 82 years old and full of “vim and vigor”, so he was giving the waitresses a hard time, etc.  While dining, he commented to a waitress that had just gotten there for the “evening” shift” and I looked up to see a friend, Amber (who was the waitress), that I hadn’t seen in YEARS.  We chatted for a while, then Russ went back to Fritz’s house and I came home.

On Tuesday the 13th, I had my very first experience with Hooters, as another friend Steve, and his children (Sarah and Mike) took me out for my birthday dinner.  It was a large group (Steve’s niece was also celebrating her birthday that evening with us, so the group was large), but we had fun!

On Thursday the 15th (my actual birthday), Lorrie and Shawn presented me with a balloon and present at the weekly bowling league.  When we got home that night, the girls completely flipped out over the balloon – so it took them a while to learn that it wasn’t out to hurt them, and now they don’t care (I am doing this post 12 days later, and the balloon is still perfectly fine and tied to the handle of the bag that had my gift on it and sitting on the kitchen counter).

On Friday the 16th, we had my actual party.  We started the evening with dinner at Rerico Brazilian Grill with several friends, then we headed downtown to Hurts Donut for a “donut decorating party”.  We had a lot of fun, even though there was a car headed towards me on a one-way street (which caused a brief panic; luckily there was a cop traveling down said one-way street right in front of me, so I’m sure the person got a ticket).  We had an absolute blast, and I am so happy that I have such a great group of friends that wanted to celebrate my birthday with me!

        Angel Kim, Owner of ReRico Brazilian Grill

All of our zany friends, including Michelle and Seth Hunt, Scott Robinson, Ben Utne and Amy Slavin, John Spangler, Gage Mackie, Gary and Jennifer Mackie, Amanda and Jesse Golden (and their kids, Abigail and Sammy)


My Beloved!

Reed Arnold!  He wasn’t there to celebrate my birthday with us – he just happened to be at Hurt’s getting a donut!  We’ve known Reed for… years.

Me, and just a small segment of the line that forms at Hurt’s at night

Me, with Michelle

Our group: Seth and Michelle Hunt, Gary Mackie (with Abigail), Jennifer Mackie, John Spangler, Gage Mackie and ME!

Before we started decorating

Posing with my completed donuts

Everyone’s completed donuts were next to me!  There were things from gummy worms and gumballs to bacon and animal crackers

I got to pick the color of icing (Pink, my favorite color).  They also had white and chocolate.    It was fun, but I don’t think I’m destined to be a donut decorator anytime in the future!


Michelle decorating one of her donuts

Russ decorating one of his donuts


More donut action by Russ

The Mickey/Minnie donuts we ordered as a “centerpiece” for the table.

This is what we arrived to!  Black, red and white balloons and Mickey/Minnie donuts!

This last Saturday we played “Cards Against Humanity” with a group of friends (Angie, Ryan, Dennis, Marica, Lorrie, Shawn, Aimee); I didn’t get any pictures, but there were some great card combinations.  Next month we’ll be doing our game night again – I’m not sure if we’ll be playing CAH, or if we’ll play something like Pictionary, but I’ll post pics from that.  🙂

No more birthday stuff, but this coming weekend (Sunday, to be precise), we are having a “Sushi Bowl” party (Superbowl watching, and Russ and I will be making sushi for everyone; this is an event that seems to be a huge hit with all of our friends).  Our friend, Tricia, used to have these every year; she has since stopped (I gather), and I guess we picked up where she left off.  Thanks for sharing your idea with us!

On the 7th we’re having a poker game, and then who knows what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day.  Something fun, I hope!  🙂

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their first month of 2015!

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