Okay, so it’s been a while…

I was thinking earlier that it had been FOREVER since I posted anything.  You know, life keeps getting in the way.  SO, I am going to try to sum up the last 8 months as quickly as possible (good luck with that, I know…)

So, my last post was about my crazy-awesome birthday party.  I still think about it and smile… and it wouldn’t have been possible without all the great people that joined me for it.  There were so many others that I had hoped would make it, but… maybe next year.

Then came our crazy-weird-horrible vacation.  It’s convoluted, but it involved me getting mugged (basically), Russ’s dad having a massive stroke (they weren’t on vacation WITH us, but they were also vacationing IN Florida and we had planned to surprise them while we were there), me getting stuck on a ride, that broke down, at Epcot Center (on the one and only day we got to go, because of Russ’s dad) and not being able to get off of it without fighting with the “Cast Members” about how I was going to exit, etc. the majority of our day was spent dealing with the broken down ride – which was just the icing on the cake regarding our vacation.

As a “make up” for our vacation, we had scheduled a “romantic weekend” in Eureka Springs.  Russ fell ill a few days before we were supposed to go, and we found out he had MRSA, which kept him secluded at home for several days until his fever broke.  2nd vacation was canceled, obviously, and never got rescheduled.

We had our annual “spring concert”, the week after Father’s day.  During the show, one of my best friends proposed to his true love.  A “yes” was said, tears fell and everyone was happy.

4th of July involved an evening (that went to about 5am) of Karaoke and fireworks.  Everyone had fun.

And, here it is – the end of August.  I now wonder where time has gone.  I bought my first Christmas present a few weeks ago (I am typically completely done by Halloween).

Time, when I was a child, seemed to drag along.  My parents warned me, that as an adult, I’d lose track of time (and I thought they were nuts).  Now, as an adult, I have to admit they were right (I’ve had to do that a lot over the years.  They WERE NOT as dumb as a box of rocks, as I had felt they were for the majority of my life)… and I watch my own life zipping by.

A few days ago I was chatting with Russ… we’ve been together almost 16 years.  I was 27, he was 29.  Where has time gone?  I guess the most important thing is that we’ve made it this long (so many don’t) and we haven’t killed each other yet (although it has been tempting).  My hope is that, through all of the thick and thin, we can make it another 16 years.

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