My “dream” of having children was destroyed when I had my wreck, so we have kids… of the 4-legged variety. Kady is definitely a daddy’s girl… until she gets in trouble, or she’s scared. In July 2010 we rescued 2 Westie puppies (apparently they had been dumped with numerous other puppies in the middle of a very busy road- we assume it was the action of a puppy mill), which are known as Minna and Dallis.  Minna is VERY headstrong and bossy and VERY much a daddy’s girl (they watch football together- gah!).  Dallis is more timid, very much a mommy’s girl… but she has her methods of revenge.  Then there are the meowing variety: Maggie has been known to keep her broom parked in the corner. Bart is our resident freakazoid, and is whiny. And Homer (RIP- September 2010) was our resident Jabba the Hutt- and was deaf (so his meow was rather odd… much like how the speech of a deaf person is odd).

And, honestly… having pets is no different than a kid. They throw tantrums, they “backtalk”, etc. 🙂

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